Thanks for being interested in us!

We act officially for 13 years. "DILIZHANS" is a jazz band from among few Belarusian groups playing simultaneously in various styles and directions. But we specialize in performance of a jazz, jazz - rock, blues. In our repertoire we have original performances of jazz classics, greatest hits of ее century, classical music, hot ballads filled with temperament by Ekaterina Kosheleva, one of best Belarusian singers and, certainly, own compositions.

Our first performance on the large stage was held in the autumn of 1998 in the best hall of the country - concert hall "Minsk", - where we have presented the program devoted to the 100th anniversary from George Gershwin's birthday. And our first professional concert has passed with success, and they were followed by participation in other scale musical actions. But it all began in 1993. Rehearsals, search of the musicians, first experiences of job in prestigious clubs and presentations, perfection of skill, formation of original structure of the band and repertoire.

Also it is necessary to mention one party of creativity of ensemble "DILIZHANS". The collective constantly participates in celebratory measures of Belarusian Jews. We have the large repertoire of our own arrangements of traditional Jewish and Israel music.

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